Surfing in Munich?????

Last Spring, I ran across an unusual sight. Not too far of a walk from the center of Munich is the Eisbach, a small man-made river that connects to the Isar River and works its way through the English Garden. The current is treacherous and at one point a wave occurs due to the nature of how the stream was constructed. There are actually two other man-made waves that are surfed in Munich in addition to this one. Since the 70’s, surfers literally have leapt onto their boards from the sidewalls of the stream and are immediately in surfing mode before they eventually move to the side to get out. Falling does not seem to be an option given the current and this wave tends to be only used by very experienced surfers. Was the last thing I thought I would be watching in Munich….

Currents Magazine

Summer 2013 Edition of Grand Circle’s Currents Magazine
Its been a busy summer, partially reflected by the lack of posts.

In the meantime until I catch up, Grand Circle Travel has recently published my article and photographs on travel photography in the Summer Edition of their “Currents” Magazine. The article is entitled “The Three “P’s” of Travel Photography; Tips to make your memories even more beautiful”. I wrote the article coming back on the plane from Munich last summer after observing (and sometimes assisting) fellow travelers with their photography challenges on a 10 day European cruise. And yes, someone really did drop their camera overboard on the last day with all of their images on one card in the camera and no backup……

If you are in New Orleans, love the blues, see if Marc is playing

Marc Stone
Marc Stone
Walking along Bourbon Street last Spring we heard the sounds of old Chicago blues coming out of the Funky Pirate Blues Bar. The man behind the mic and guitar was Marc Stone accompanied by the very accomplished pianist, Joshua Paxton. What started out as going in to listen to one song quickly turned into sitting through two excellent sets. Marc has a radio show in New Orleans and recently released his new album “Trickeration and Rascality” backed by an array of New Orleans musicians. He frequently plays in New Orleans and you won’t be disappointed if you want to hear the blues….

Published: Castle in the Hudson

I am very pleased that Green Door Magazine, focused on the Hudson Valley and Catskills, has published 10 of my photographs and accompanying article on Bannerman Castle entitled “Castle in the Hudson” in their Summer edition. The magazine is currently on newsstands and available by clicking HERE or the cover of the magazine above. The editors of Green Door were a pleasure to work with and I hope that my photographs and article will help increase awareness of the Castle as well as the opportunities to visit the Island by boat or kayak tour this Summer and Fall.

Bannerman Castle is steeped in local history and the volunteers that have pushed for the preservation and stabilization of the ruins for more than decade through the Bannerman Castle Trust are just amazing in their dedication. They need all the financial and local support that they can get. Click HERE for more information on Bannerman Castle Trust.

Vancouver Tug Boats

On the way to Alaska. Spending some time in Vancouver before embarking. Off the plane and exploring the city, we encountered gray skies and rain, not atypical of the area. In those conditions, colors can really stand out and these tugboats were no exception.