Website-1Robert B. Dimmitt is a published photographer and author with work appearing in both editorial and commercial publications. He has written articles on travel photography and destinations that feature his images. In addition, he has been published extensively for his work with commercial subjects, most notably cranes and other lifting equipment, and has had work selected for covers and feature articles in leading industry publications. His images hang in corporate offices throughout the United States.

Bob has studied extensively with Nikon Ambassador, Moose Peterson, completing Peterson’s Master of Light program. Bob notes, “Moose is an outstanding teacher and mentor. Working with Moose has greatly impacted all aspects of my photography and storytelling.”

In addition to travel and commercial photography, Bob is passionate about wildlife and landscape photography, especially within the National Parks and National Wildlife Refuge System.

A member of Nikon Professional Services, Bob relies on Nikon camera bodies, lenses and flash systems exclusively in his photography.