Happy Halloween

When I heard that a “professional” photographer cancelled on my daughter’s friend three days before her wedding, I agreed to shoot the wedding as a gift to the bride. It was a Halloween theme and this was one of my favorite props from the reception.

Trying a different perspective

On the way to Bordeaux, quick stop in Paris for the first time. Did a walk around at night with my friend, Bob. Starting at the Place du Trocadero, shot the Eiffel Tower at dusk and then moved closer down the steps, trying a bunch of vantage points. At the base of the Tower, near the ticket entrance, I went horizontal to try a different perspective. Was one of my favorites from the night. Simple B&W in Camera Raw or Lightroom.

Eiffel Tower

Double Truck

I was pleased to discover that the May/June edition of the Canadian publication, Service Truck, featured 16 of my images in a double truck ( a pair of facing pages in a magazine) article written by Dan Anderson for their column Spec My Truck. The idea for the article began over a year ago when I met the editor at the ConExpo trade show in Germany and pitched the idea of the article to him. While this regular column normally features an individual and describes how they have customized their service truck to fit their specific job, Dan interviewed the head of product support and wrote about how a company approaches customizing their entire fleet to meet the tasks required to service cranes. The editor requested a lot of images with specific vehicle details and it was fun spending a few hours with several fleet vehicles to come up with a fresh approach to capturing the story.

Don’t Talk with Your Mouth Full

Morale of this story is be ready. Shooting with the Df and an 80-400mm during a round of golf in Western Florida, I came over a knoll to this wood stork. Camera was all set to go, so it was a straight forward click. Critters near golf courses are used to people so they tend to stay put. The fact that he had just caught breakfast was also occupying his attention….

Eyeball v. Storytelling (Part II)

During my recent trip to the Northern Yellowstone area around Gardiner, MT there were plenty of opportunities for photographing a wide variety of wildlife. And plenty of opportunities to get close-ups via Nikon’s great 600mm or go a bit wider with Nikon’s 300mm or 24mm-70MM. In telling the story, maybe these two images highlight the contrast between the two approaches.

Pronghorn (2 of 1)Pronghorn (1 of 1)

Eyeball or Tell the Story

I could have titled this “Confessions of a Former Eyeball Shooter” but that might not have looked too good in Google Searches. There is nothing wrong with a close-up or “eyeball shot” but if you’re in the middle of the winter wonderland of Lamar Valley in Yellowstone can you really show that if all you see is that critter’s face. So working with my friend Moose, and looking back over old files, I see myself going wider to tell the story.Website_Coyote (1 of 1)