American Cranes and Transport II

I was pleased to learn earlier this month that one of my images made the cover of American Cranes and Transport and resulted in a cover story of the project. A second image was used in the body of the story.

While the image was straight forward using the Df and 18-35,extensive reflections caused from shooting from within the terminal where challenging to remove. Attending Moose Peterson’s Click to Click Workshop in NYC the week after I shot the image opened my eyes to a few techniques that I was able to use separately and in combination.

So after spending over a year with Moose working through his Master of Light Program, why would I spend a weekend at a workshop? Its real simple. I have never, ever, ever attended a Moose Peterson event that I didn’t pick up something that helped move my photography forward. Each Moose Peterson workshop or event is distinct, constantly updated and full of information that can take you to the next level.