Golf Course Wildlife

When I am playing golf with people I know, especially down South, you will usually find me with a camera in addition to my clubs. Most likely an 80-400 lens although I have been seen with a 600mm. The camera sits right next to me on the cart, and if possible I usually take my own cart so not to slow any of my playing partners down. Now I am pretty serious about my golf game and extremely aware of golf course etiquette, however, by playing when the course is not crowded, opportunities present themselves if you keep your eyes open.

Golf courses are wide open spaces and the wildlife that frequent the forests and water hazards are accustomed to having people around. Hence possible photographic opportunities, especially in the early tee times. When I am lucky and the course isn’t crowded there is the chance you can spend a little more time getting the image, BUT I NEVER will make a click if we have people immediately behind us. Pretty rude to hold up play for any reason. So you have to be ready and you have to expect very limited time to shoot and most likely no time to improve your position. Its either a situation where the light and the subject’s position is in your favor or you pass on the shot having seen another bird, mammal or reptile during the course of your round. And obviously you don’t crowd or stress the subject to get the shot. Hence the 80-400mm.

During Christmas week in Florida, we saw a wide range of birds and yes more than one Florida gator. On the second hole of one course we came up to an elevated green on a large water hazard. As we left the hole, this Great Blue Heron stuck is head up from the bank of the water hazard proud as punch to have found lunch!  


Portugal and Spain

We just returned from a week and a half traveling through Portugal via the Douro River Valley. With vineyards occupying every square inch of land right down to the river, there were images to be made in almost any direction you turned. Met a lot of great people who shared the trip with us from Lisbon to Madrid. A memorable adventure. This is an image of Porto from across the river, just as the sun started breaking from the clouds. More to come….