Another Lighthouse

There is something about lighthouses…I just love to photograph them in all types of weather. This summer the weather wasn’t cooperating in Maine when I shot four different lighthouses in one day along midcoast Maine. But with weather there are opportunities and Pemaquid Point Lighthouse presented one. While you can’t tell that lighthouse is on a bluff, the clouds that are drifting by below the structure certainly help create the visual sense that this lighthouse is overlooking something. Black and white was the way to go on this rainy, gray day.pemaquid-point-lighthouse-1-of-1

Try to make the common, uncommon

It’s a phrase that seems to always be going through my head when I’m shooting.  Put there several years ago, and frequently reenforced since then by someone that has greatly influenced my journey with photography, Moose Peterson.  Anyone with a passion for photography should know Moose.  His images inspire, his depth of knowledge about his craft constantly leaves me in awe, and the information that he shares at will make you a better photographer – all 3,500 + pages of it.  And learning doesn’t stop there when you factor in what he shares in his books (24 at last count, I think),  videos at Kelby Training, workshops, and personal appearances throughout the US.  A Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, nationally acclaimed wildlife and aviation photographer, published in over 140 magazines, Moose is the real deal.

So, walking around the Lincoln Memorial last year, I was struck by all the people literally jockeying for position to photograph the statue of Lincoln front-on for the iconic image, just inside the entrance to the Memorial. Literally waiting in line to get “the” shot.  I tried to challenge myself and come up with something that was different, but still conveyed the feeling you get when you walk into the Memorial.  I tried a lot of different things that afternoon.  Some worked, some didn’t.  That’s ok, as I have found just the experience of trying to make the common, uncommon beneficial in the long run to shaping my photography.  This is the one I liked the best from that exercise.

Happy Lincoln’s Birthday….