Fun at the Beach

Was over on the coast of Georgia and spent a few hours shooting at the beach one morning. Had the 600mm with a 1.4 Tele and the D4 on the Wimberley/Gitzo combination. Also went to Dx in the Image Area function to get even closer as tidal flows divided the beach into disjointed sections often separating me further from the subject. The birds were plentiful from sandpipers to semipalmated plovers to terns, gulls, brown pelicans and the occasional heron, to name a few. Was a great time for practice and just watching the behaviors as they went about poking, diving, digging etc. Still new to this area of image making, but I find there is always something that comes along if you are patient enough. Here are a few from the morning, all right out of the camera with no further adjustments other than creating the JPEG in PS CC: