Why Another Workshop

I was at an event where Moose Peterson was asked, “Hey Moose, if you had a $1,000, which lens would you buy? (he always gets the equipment questions….)”. Not hesitating, Moose replied “I’d take a workshop”.

Workshops have been an integral part of my journey in photography. I can’t think of any workshop I’ve attended where I wasn’t able to make a list of things I learned or techniques that I was able to revisit or explore. In the recent K&M Adventure to the Moab region of Utah, I had the great pleasure of shooting with a number of outstanding photographers that I have come to know over several years. We all seem to show up on the same trips. Kevin Dobler and Moose Peterson set the tone for the trip from the time we set out. Very giving of their knowledge and experience, a fluid agenda that adjusts as weather conditions, light, clouds make themselves apparent as the trip progresses. So from ghost towns to arches to star trails to light painting, we shot our way through four days of Moab. Another great time.