Zabriskie Point revisited

Nikon D-4
Nikkor 24-70mm
In the earlier post on Zabriskie Point, I was focusing on trying to get across the incredible variation of rock formations, textures and colors in one image.  Later, I wanted to try to capture an image that spoke more of Death Valley. I physically moved my vantage point to incorporate the salt laced desert floor beyond the peaks, while coming in tighter on the point.

Death Valley is worth the trip

We took a side trip from Las Vegas to Death Valley for the day.  My preconceptions of Death Valley were basically shattered as we found a National Park with a huge range of geological formations in addition to its trademark salt flats. With 3.4 million acres of desert and mountains, Death Valley is the country’s largest national park.  Just down from the Furnace Creek Visitor Center is Zabriskie Point.  With the light, texture and colors in the rocks, I could have shot there all day.  It also helped that they were in the middle of a cold spell where it was about 40 degrees versus 120!  Not a trip I would make in the summer months.