Tripod Feet – Claw Feet for Sand and Snow by 3 Legged Thing

I love my Gitzo tripod. A tripod that well made is worth the price. I must say I also love anything made by Really Right Stuff, just a great company with great products. They are my first stop for anything head or tripod related

In getting organized to photograph wildlife in Yellowstone in a week or two with Moose and the gang, I ordered the Really Right Stuff (RRS) Pod Foot Rock Claw tripod Feet to better deal with the anticipated snow/ice. They would replace the normal Gitzo feet during the trip. To my surprise they did not fit the Gitzo leg. The screws were too short. The great technical support staff at RRS quickly got back to me and told me that they have recently shortened the screw on the feet and they are now not long enough to engage into some Gitzo tripods.

Going onto the B&H website, however, I found another set of “B&H Website: Claws Sand/Snow Shoes” feet made by 3 Legged Thing out of London, which are designed for their line of tripods. Went down to B&H and with the help of their great staff, we tested them on the Gitzo model I use. We found that the thread on Sand/Snow Shows is 3/8″ and is long enough to fit into the Gitzo. Seem to be very well made and almost exactly like the RRS product. Problem solved. Onto Yellowstone!