American Cranes and Transport – July Issue

Was excited to see the July issue of American Crane and Transport hit the stands today. I was asked to share my experience covering the largest equipment tradeshow in the world as a photographer and the article includes six pages of images I captured during that week in Munich. The editor also decided to go with one of my abstracts for the cover which made this issue even more special.

Munich on a Saturday

There is nothing like Munich on a weekend. Especially when their beloved Bayer Munchen is playing. Following my trip out to the Bauma fairgrounds, I spent time walking around Munich, one of my favorite cities in the world. As you can see the crowds were out in force with many dressed to support their team. The Z6 is shaping up to be a great travel camera, light and responsive. .

Nikon Z6; Nikon Z24-70f4.5

Light, it doesn’t matter where you are

I was in Upstate NY and thought I would venture to check out Letchworth State Park near Buffalo. The forecast was for rain but my camera was out on the seat next to me as I drove through the countryside early in the morning. The clouds were definitely rolling in and reminded me of the Octoberfest trip to Munich a couple of years back. We had set out from Munich to photograph Neauschwanstein Castle and it was dark and looked like rain. At the base of the hill leading up to the castle, you also have a very good view of Hohenschwangau Castle, which was the summer residence of King Ludwig II. As we were walking past, the sun suddenly popped out from behind the clouds and lit the castle like a spotlight.

Multiple thousands of miles away, with a different subject, it happened again…

Surfing in Munich?????

Last Spring, I ran across an unusual sight. Not too far of a walk from the center of Munich is the Eisbach, a small man-made river that connects to the Isar River and works its way through the English Garden. The current is treacherous and at one point a wave occurs due to the nature of how the stream was constructed. There are actually two other man-made waves that are surfed in Munich in addition to this one. Since the 70’s, surfers literally have leapt onto their boards from the sidewalls of the stream and are immediately in surfing mode before they eventually move to the side to get out. Falling does not seem to be an option given the current and this wave tends to be only used by very experienced surfers. Was the last thing I thought I would be watching in Munich….