Light, it doesn’t matter where you are

I was in Upstate NY and thought I would venture to check out Letchworth State Park near Buffalo. The forecast was for rain but my camera was out on the seat next to me as I drove through the countryside early in the morning. The clouds were definitely rolling in and reminded me of the Octoberfest trip to Munich a couple of years back. We had set out from Munich to photograph Neauschwanstein Castle and it was dark and looked like rain. At the base of the hill leading up to the castle, you also have a very good view of Hohenschwangau Castle, which was the summer residence of King Ludwig II. As we were walking past, the sun suddenly popped out from behind the clouds and lit the castle like a spotlight.

Multiple thousands of miles away, with a different subject, it happened again…

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is a great place to visit when in the Las Vegas area – just about 15  miles west of the Strip off State Highway 159. It is part of the National Landscape Conservation System and features a set of red rock formations as you enter the area and sandstone peaks and walls comprising the Keystone Thrust Fault.  Access is from a one-way 13 mile driving loop which starts at the Visitors Center and has plenty of spots to pull off for photo ops or access to 19 hiking trails.  Beth and I went out there last Friday.  Clouds moved in just as we arrived and I was able to capture the last bit of sunlight out the back door of the Visitors Center before it disappeared.  Then as we progressed around the driving loop it snowed for the rest of our visit…..Snow in Las Vegas…..